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Tuesday, 23 September 2008 12:47

libro urantiaIt is the only book that was not written by any human being. The Urantia Book was written as a commission of celestial beings of very high rank. The information in the book is presented in 190 documents that explain the greatness of God, the reality of the Paradise and the existence of immense amount of invisible celestial beings for us. It is a spiritual guide which is directed to the human beings of XXI century, who have the great necessity to know the truth about the creation of the universe, its administrative division and its operation. The celestial commission decided to present this truth in form of a book because it is the best way of spreading the information. The Urantia Book is new, was published for the first time in spanish in 1991, but the information of the book appeared in the years of 1920 and 1935 in Chicago.

In Earth planet the great and small revelations began to arrive 500 thousand years ago, on the base of those revelations the human beings wrote sacred books like the Jewish Torah, the Christian Bible, the Islamic Koran and the writings of the Dead Sea. Different religions like those of ancient Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, Tibet, Persia, China, etc. were created on the base of those old revelations. The book of Urantia is the fifth great revelation of our time which presents the “Science of the Heaven”, and explains in a comprehensible language the truth of the creation of the universe and the aim of our lives as humans.


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